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Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re ready to unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself. But your dealer says you'll have to wait a few hours for delivery? Or you're in a new city, you've got reservations and tables booked but don't know who to call to get some good weed.? Let’s not forget the times when you finally get bud and light up only to be disappointed by poor quality. Welcome to WeedStop, where you’ll never have to experience that disappointing feeling again. 

is an all-inclusive online marketplace that connects customers with cannabis vendors in the DC metropolitan area. We have created a secure digital platform that allows people to access cannabis dispensaries, delivery services, local smoke shops, branded products, and much more.
At our core, we're a technology company passionate about empowering the cannabis community. WeedStop allows you to safely experience and interact with the legalized cannabis industry. Customers get access to a variety of the best cannabis dispensaries in the city and conveniently place delivery orders. Each store offers a unique menu of different strains, edibles, and cannabis products. Whether you're looking for a new favorite dispensary, want to order products online, or read the latest cannabis news & culture, you are at the right stop!

Empowering Customers

WeedStop provides a marketplace for consumers to easily choose and access trusted local vendors in their area. We monitor vendor business practices to ensure safety and quality products. You can find the latest news and culture blogs written by our professional team. Trust WeedStop for affordable prices, bringing you additional savings by eliminating the middleman. Customer information is not saved on our site. Our platform is powered by an autonomous service for peace of mind. Check our privacy policy for more info.

Empowering Vendors

WeedStop offers an exciting marketplace for vendors to reach local customers. We can bring a large number of new and returning customers to your storefront for increased sales and profits. Our team works hard to provide an up-to-date website that is fast and easy to use. Enjoy outstanding online security to keep your business protected. We do not share vendor information with other parties. To join as one of our valued vendors, Please contact our sales staff click here to express your interest. We look forward to hearing from you and including you as a listed vendor.